Honolulu Coffee – G1 888 Nelson V6Z2H1

Honolulu Coffee was founded in 1992 with one small kiosk in downtown Honolulu, due to our dedication to coffee roasting and barista quality, perfecting our craft, and the continual growth and improvement of each of our employees, we are now an internationally known brand.

Honolulu Coffee strives daily to provide the complete Hawaiian Coffee experience. We feel that our past and future success is contingent upon maintaining and exceeding these goals. Our Hawaiian style concept stretches throughout our cafes on three different islands and our expansion in Asia. As a result, people around the world are able to experience our great Kona coffee and outstanding customer service. We handcraft all our pastries from scratch daily, using local ingredients whenever possible. Our commitment to quality, the community, and our customers can be tasted in each and every bite.

Address: G1 888 Nelson V6Z 2H1 
Call:(778) 379-6607
Website www.honolulucoffee.com