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I provide litigation counsel to individuals and companies involved in a wide range of complex business disputes. I’m always looking for the best way to solve the problem at hand – typically through a careful analysis of the case, and strategic negotiation with the other parties involved.

I’ll work hard to find a genuine solution to your dispute – but if a case can’t be settled, I won’t hesitate to go to court.

After many years at large firms – working for large corporations – I started Hirji Law Corporation in January 2014 to focus on representing small and medium-sized businesses. The entrepreneurial spirit that fuels your small business fuels my small firm too.

My experience spans many different industries, including the technology sector, retail, banking, real estate development, construction, mining, and manufacturing.

Practice Areas
Litigation Counsel For Individuals and Businesses
Strategic Advice
Real Estate Litigation
Construction and Mining
Small Claims Court
Alternative Dispute Revolution

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