Contemporary Culture in the Downtown Core


808 Nelson is one of the most iconic towers in Vancouver’s vibrant skyline. Conveniently located across from the Provincial Law Courts and central to the city’s bests shops and restaurants, our offices enjoy easy access via the Cambie, Granville or Burrard Street Bridges and are only blocks from major transit lines and the Skytrain Station.

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Nelson Square Office Retail Residential History

The 80’s marked the evolution of Vancouver into the international city it is today, with Nelson Square being a part of Vancouver’s growing relationships with continents of the Pacific Rim, particularly Asia.  In 1982, as Expo ’86 was announced, Hong Kong Architect Wong & Ouyang’s conception for Nelson Square was becoming a unique concrete and glass reality;  construction began not long after the adjacent Law Courts were built in 1980, creating a symbiotic association that exists decades later, as many Nelson Square offices are favoured by law practitioners.  With a nod to this history, Vancouverites can enjoy the Art Beatus Gallery at Nelson Square – an apt cultural exchange between East and West, showcasing highly acclaimed Asian works.

Nelson Square 1883 Office, Retail, and Residential
Nelson Square 1983 Vancouver

Nelson Square Today

Nelson Square Today Refurbished Office, Retail and Residential

Decades after the modernist ethos of Nelson Square created a prominent presence in the city. Nelson Square has undergone a significant refurbishment, refining the design with clean lines and elegant finishes. The space is one of a modern community, enhanced by a public courtyard that hosts cultural events, the Art Beatus Gallery, a vibrant retail scene and a state-of-the-art fitness facility that is accessible 24/7.

Nelson Square Today Refurbished Interiors
Sustainability at Nelson Square


At Nelson Square, we are committed to make a positive impact on economic, environmental, and social sustainability.


We are proud to announce that Nelson Square has achieved BOMA BEST® status. Our building meets all of the BEST Practices in environmental management.  Nelson Square contributes to creating sustainable environment by reducing energy, water, and waste consumption.


We have implemented the following recycling programs:

  • Organic Recycling: food waste
  • General Recycling: glass, cans, plastic
  • Construction Material Recycling

We encourage our tenant to try cycling to work. A bike cage is Nelson Square’s newest amenity available to all commercial tenants.


We strive to establish green practices in communication with tenants. In order to do so, we communicate electronically with all of our tenants through emails and phone calls.